Donations to Nonprofit Organizations

At Nicavana Project, because our products are (mostly) for our pets, we also believe that pet welfare is equally as important as job creation. We are committed to improving the lives of pets in communities where our artisans live and work. We’re dedicating a portion of our profits to free veterinary care projects throughout Latin America care of World Vets, an incredible organization that has helped tens of thousands of pets and livestock across the globe.

We chose to support World Vets due to their location of their former training center in Granada, Nicaragua. Granada is a charming town in that we called our home away from home from many years, long before starting Nicavana Project. Over the course of several years, we personally saw the impact of their work, most notably in the reduction of strays all over the country. The reduction of strays throughout Nicaragua, especially in Granada and neighboring villages, was in large part due to World Vets' spay-neuter clinics. Although World Vets' new home base is in Ecuador, we KNOW their impact will be just as profound. and we will always support the work they do. 

To donate to World Vets without making a purchase, please click the link below:

Other Nonprofits
Sometimes we see a story online and our heart just breaks. As in, breaks into a million pieces and utterly beyond repair. We find ourselves sending donations to various rescues around the United States as well, thanks to Instagram and Facebook shares making us cry every day. We also host auctions and raffles to raise funds for donations through social media. As always, we post the full amount donated.