How To Measure Your Dog

Sizing can be confusing, especially since many of our collars run wide. In order to simplify measuring your dog, we've come up with a couple of easy ways to decide if our collars work for you. 

First, measure the length you need. 

Take your dog's current collar off and lay it on the table. Take a measuring tape, and measure from where the material starts (do NOT measure the front buckle portion that isn't wrapped by material), to the hole your dog CURRENTLY wears. Do not measure all the way to the end. You'll want to use that number to figure out what size works best for your dog. 

If your dog wears an adjustable collar, you'll want to get a cloth measuring tape and measure around your dog's neck from the position your dog comfortably wears his or her collar. Lay the tape flat on the skin, do not pull tight or allow lots of additional room unless your dog is growing and you feel confident with allowing additional space for a collar. 

Secondly, to measure width: 

Take an old t-shirt, rag, or anything you feel comfortable cutting. Cut it as wide as the collar as in the description at the widest point (all of our collars taper to a narrower width at the buckle) and wrap it around your pup's neck. How does it look? Does your pup look good and comfortable? If so, you're good! If not, then definitely consider a narrower width for your dog.