The Sierra Stitch: A Story

The Sierra Stitch: A Story

The Sierra Stitch is a story about healing and honoring our best friend.

The Sierra Stitch collar was our first sample, our first love, and gave us the final push to start The Nicavana Project. We knew this collar was special as we watched Juan, our artisan in Nicaragua, sew it by hand. It was the way he carefully moved the leather in his hands from side to side on his sewing machine that he powers with his foot, like a soft rhythm of a song, all with his eyes closed. He handed it to us, and so humbly said that he hoped that we liked it. It was beautiful – and it was without question this would be our signature.

When we brought home our first samples from Nicaragua, we couldn’t wait to go back, to meet with Juan again and to watch him work. The Sierra Stitch is Juan’s first design to make for The Nicavana Project because this is his creation. We didn’t design this – he did. We love that HIS vision and HIS creation is here for us to share with YOU.

What brought us to finding Juan was the idea of making collars for a cause. We had recently lost Sierra, our beloved Doberman, after a battle with a brain disease that took months and months of visiting specialists, trying different medications, a number of ICU stays, sleepless nights, eyes in so much pain they could no longer cry, and tens of thousands of dollars in veterinary bills. We still don’t know exactly what it is that she passed from. What we know is that we were able to fight for her, no matter what, and we never stopped fighting until she was ready to say goodbye.

After losing her, we realized that we wanted to help pets in need, especially in Nicaragua that had become our home away from home over the years,  where there is a great need for both jobs and for pet wellness. Sierra always had nice collars – from luxury brand to custom made. We knew right away that in any endeavor we embarked on, we wanted to be reminded of our beloved girl. With The Nicavana Project, our collars remind us of her.

She gave us the idea to find Juan, and Juan gave us the perfect collar to name after her.

The chocolate lab in the photo below is Trona, who was Sierra’s best friend for many years before Sierra passed. We find it fitting that we show you The Sierra Stitch on Trona – Sierra’s best friend.