Blemished, Off-Stitch and Off-Size Collars


At The Nicavana Project, all of our collars are made by hand from beginning to end. As with most hand-made items, sometimes things simply just don’t come out perfectly.  Occasionally, pieces of leather get cut too short or too long, hole punches aren’t punched correctly, stitching ends up off-center and sometimes the leather is marked with pen or pencil.

In order to continue giving our artisans work, we have to sell these pieces to recuperate some costs so that we are able to reinvest in our project. By selling these pieces at a significant discount, we’re able to absorb our losses and help continue working with our artisans and donating to World Vets. Our goal is to be as transparent as possible, and that also includes when items simply aren’t perfect.

Please note that all of our collars sold as “defects” for various reasons are all sold as FINAL SALE. 

We ask that you carefully read the descriptions for each item before purchase so that you’re aware of any defects the collar may have. If you are unhappy with your purchase, we kindly ask that you donate your collar to a local shelter or rescue that may need extra collars on hand.

Blemished Products